We value our patients' experience at First Merritt Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Amit Patel

I came to see Dr. Patel because of persistent pain in my feet and frequent upset stomach.  Now. my feet are pain free and I no longer have an upset stomach after I eat.  

Beth M. 

My right knee had extreme pain! I really could not walk. Orthopedist wanted to do surgery and injections. I came to Dr. Patel and now I currently have NO knee pain at all. Dr. Patel did a fantastic job! I now can walk several miles without any pain. 

Dail B. 

Lots of pain in my legs- 4mths having a swollen and painful knee. Had been to western doctors-lots of blood taken-couldn't figure me out. Tried Chinese doctors for 10 years, a lot of good results, but they couldn't figure me out. Now 6mths later with Dr.Patel's supplements and eating lots of veggies, fruits, chicken and fish, I'm feeling so much better. Pain is mostly gone from my legs, have way more energy, just feeling good. Loving my doctor. Yay Dr. Patel

Gary W. 

Before I had chronic neck and shoulder pain with frequent crises of lower back pain too. Now, I no longer have chronic neck and shoulder pain, and rarely have a lower back crisis! If I get in a crisis, Dr. Patel knows just what to do to turn me around quickly. I now come every 3 weeks just for 'maintenance; although I'm not in any pain or discomfort.

Anne D. 

I had a little accident so from my neck to shoulders were in bad pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Patel, whenever I have pain in my body I come to him. He treats me so nicely and I return home with a smile. At first I had tried physical therapy for my neck and shoulder pain, but it did not work, but Dr. Patel had magic hands so his treatment worked on me. Now I feel much better. God bless you Dr. Patel.

Joy P. 

I had a frozen shoulder. I could not get dressed easily and had trouble brushing and washing my hair. If I moved my arm too quickly the pain was excruciating. Rotation of my left arm was extremely limited. How do I feel now? Great! After 10 visits I had 85% rotation. At visit 12, 95% rotation! No pain- can dress- wash hair etc. Dr. Patel is a true healer and has a great disposition. Xochilt and Sara are a wonderful addition to this talented doctor! I had 16 visits with rehab that did nothing and the orthopedic surgeon said it would heal by itself in a year or two.  

P. Lewis

I had trouble standing for periods of time. Also bending over was painful. Now after Dr. Patel got a hold of my issues, I feel like a new person and back to my regular self. I would recommend Dr. Patel to everyone that has any kind of back/neck pain. - Adam S. 

Before I came to Dr. Patel my hip pain was very painful. Now I am much better! I only have infrequent pain. I have all-over better movement, the whole body.

E. Roak 

For my first visit I had serve lower back pain and by the second visit I had almost no pain. After over doing it at work the pain returned. Dr. Patel sent me for an MRI that determined I have L5-S1 herniation. The previous pain was rated a 10 and by coming regularly the pain is just about gone.

C. McDowell 

I had been receiving treatments from various chiropractors over the years and saw very little improvement. After doing a kitchen remodel and causing a flare-up of a previous injury, I came to Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel has addressed several issues that other chiropractic treatments did not. Regular adjustments and acupuncture have helped so much. I will continue with treatments in order to stay healthy.

Nancy C. 

Before I was in a bit of pain from two back surgeries. The back surgery left me with severe spasms and curvature of my spine. Now I am much better. My spasms are less frequent and I walk much better.

Bobbie K. 

I had back pain with numbness in my lower back before I came to Dr. Patel. I am much better after the adjustments. I have no numbness now and I only come as needed.

Wendy N. 

Before I came here I had pain in the shoulder, elbow, and shoulder blade. My fingers on my right hand was tingly. Currently I am much improved. My shoulders and elbow have very little to no pain between visits. My fingers occasionally tingle.

Paula B. 

The pain in my lower back would flare up after bending, exercising or doing most activities. Pain in beck and shoulders caused headaches and tightness. I experienced a  lot of pain after doing twisting type activities (tennis/golf). Spend days at a time in bed during episodes of back pain. Now I can exercise without my lower back getting stiff and painful. I can relieved most discomfort with ice/heat. Have not had to lie in bed with intense back issues.

Anne M. 

I had scoliosis and if I don't come, I'm in trouble. I had lots of stomach problems before I came and never have them now. As long as I'm consistent I have way more energy and hardly ever have pain.

Trisha P. 

I'm 92 years old and over many many years I have come here for shoulder, hip and back pain. Now, I am able to walk without a cane or walker and have more energy. If I come regularly my arthritis is almost unnoticeable.  

                                                                                                                Helen P. 

Before coming to Dr.Patel I would get just about daily headaches. Since coming, I now feel great!!

Debra S. 

Due to stress and TMJ my jaws were very sore.  The stress was so chronic the inflammation in my scalp muscles caused dizziness and headaches.  I could no longer eat any solid food.  I was living on soup, yogurt, and mashed potatoes. 

Now, the pain is gone, and my scalp muscles have finally relaxed.  The dizziness and headaches have disappeared.  I’m back to being able to chew food again! 

Sharon P., 

I’ve always had high cholesterol 250 -251- 244.  Dr. Patel put me on a supplement called Chol-Aide four months ago.  I had blood work done in September and it was 220.  The best I’ve ever been.   

Maxine C., 


  1.  Painful shoulders and muscles in upper arms
  2. Pain in thumb joints and weakness in hands.


  1.  Pain free in shoulders and arms.
  2. Hands are improving.

Claire B.

Before coming to First Merritt Chiropractic I had constant headaches every day.

Now…It’s wonderful!  Now more pain in my head.  I feel great.  You are the best doctor ever.

Debra S.

Before Coming to First Merritt Chiropractic I was in horrible pain.  I couldn't walk, stand, or do hardly anything.  My life suffered.

Now, I'm a LOT LOT better.  I always joke and tell Dr. Patel "I'm going to take you home with me".   I'm very very happy.  I feel great!

Nancy V.

I have neuropathy in my feet.  The bottoms hurt so bad if I walked through a store I could barely walk the next day!  It has been a year of pain at least, only bicycling at the gym for exercise.  My feet were always ice cold, socks (sometimes 2 pairs) at all times.  I never forget the pain in my feet at all.

Dr. Patel has treated this condition for about 2 months now, I come twice a week.  I am now walking for exercise.  I am far more comfortable all around and plan to continue treatment.

Barbara K.

Before my first visit to Dr. Patel I was having trouble walking.  My feet were not working right and I truly thought that I would have to start using a walker.  I also was in a lot of pain not wanting to start taking pain pills or shots.

After the first visit I was able to walk correctly and have abandoned the idea of using a walker.  I’m able to walk for ten blocks with my dog.  I feel much stronger now and do not need pain pills or shots to get through the day.

Loleta, D

I have been diagnosed with a chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  I have been to every doctor of medical specialties for treatment of my symptoms.  I also have had every known test performed to try to determine the origin of my symptoms.  I have been prescribed every known prescription that might be effective. 

On my own, I have sought holistic and over-the-counter treatments.  The most effective treatment was, on my own, I changed my diet and life-style.

I have been going to see Dr. Patel for chiropractic care for many years.  He suggested that I try acupuncture.  I had tried it in the past and it was ineffective.  Dr. Patel said that I would slowly improve my immune system.  A healthy immune system is the key to good health.  I said that I’ve never gone seven days in a row feeling healthy for the last 20 years.  He said, “I will bet you that acupuncture will change that.”  He was right.  My immune system has slowly improved to the extent that it is unusual for me to be sick 3 or days out of any month.  I used to take a lot of over-the-counter vitamins and supplements as a desperate means to try anything for relief.  Dr. Patel has a way to determine which supplements will work the best for me.  I have been able to discontinue taking all of my other pills. 

Silas, A.

"I was in pain.  I had severe back pain for several weeks.

Now, it’s fantastic!  Zero pain.  I can even laugh with no rib pain.  I wasn’t even expecting that pain to go away because it was due to cancer surgery, but it was a nice side effect.  I just plain feel good all over. "

Khaleah V.

"I came to First Merritt Chiropractic because I could hardly walk or put any weight on my right foot.  Every time I’d try I was almost in tears and needed assistance to get anywhere. 

After even the first visit the pain went down to a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10.  I’m off the Tylenol and Ibuprofen.  With Dr. Patel and his teams help I’ve not only been able to walk and go back to the gym and put surgery out of the picture.  I can’t thank them enough!"

Jan S.

"Before I came to First Merritt Chiropractic I had pain in my neck and shoulders.  I couldn’t move my neck from side to side or up and down.

Now, It is all better, as good as before the injury." 

Dan D.

"Before coming to see Dr. Patel my one year old had chronic constipation, extremely painful bowel movements and was constantly waking during the night. My 6 year old also suffered from constipation and stomach aches.

After just one visit his bowels are very regular and he sleeps through the night. And my 6 year old has improved also and now has less frequent stomach aches."

Natalie M.

"After a sever fall down a flight of steps, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc, could not walk, had to cancel vacation and was put on short term medical leave for 7 weeks. In 2008 I damaged my shoulder while weighting. I was not able to lift my arm above my shoulder level. Also, I was told my cholesterol levels were too high and that I would have to start taking prescription drugs to control the levels.

It was the care I received at First Merritt Chiropractic, through adjustments and acupuncture which initiated the healing process. After a 3 month wait for an appointment with a neurosurgeon, who told me he thought we would be scheduling my surgery, I reported “starting to feel better”. The neurosurgeon said, “I don’t care what you are doing, just continue it”. I was able to avoid surgery, and with continued adjustments and exercise, I am fully mobile and pain free.

With continued adjustments and exercise and stretching, I have full use of my damaged shoulder. Due to the Nutritional Response Testing, which is offered at First Merritt Chiropractic, and following the recommended diet/ supplement program, my cholesterol levels have dropped over 25 points and I have avoided taking the prescription drugs.

Thank you Dr. Patel"

Diane K.

"Before I came to First Merritt Chiropractic, I had sharp stabbing pains in my left leg.

Now, it is much, much better. Dr. Patel is the best. He certainly has a “special gift” for helping people feel better.

Thank you Dr. Patel"

Carol G.

"Before coming to Dr. Patel anytime I sat for more than 10 minutes I would experience a searing pain down my right leg. This made driving an auto very difficult.

Now I can sit anywhere and drive for more than several hundred miles! This is great! Like being reborn!! Thanks Dr. Patel. "

Scott W. 

"I had sharp, shooting pain from the right side of my groin down to my knee when standing up. I could not perform even minor household chores without lower back pain.

The groin pain has been gone for months now. I can perform tasks that involve bending and lifting without back pain. As a bonus, my mental concentration on the job has also improved."

Frank F.

"It was very bad. The impact to my quality of life was severe. The Impact on my ability to work normally was very serious.

Now, I’ve had about 90% improvement. I’m back to normal movement. I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made."

Pat E.

"Before I came to First Merritt Chiropractic I had extreme lower back pain. Bending over at the waist and sitting up from lying on my back was almost impossible. I also suffered from a poor diet and very low energy.

Now, the pain is as minor as it’s ever been. My lower pain is almost completely gone. I feel AMAZING! I have energy that lasts all day. Dr. Patel has changed my diet so I no longer suffer from bloating and stomach pain. I highly recommend him and his staff to all I talk to."

Chris H.

"One year ago my thyroid was 5.5 and my cholesterol level was 230.

I have been on Dr. Patel’s Nutrition program and taking supplements instead of the prescription drugs. My cholesterol has lowered to 209 and my thyroid is down to 3.9"

Emily B.

"I am a 64 year old man beginning to experience low libido issues. My companion had spoken with another woman whose companion experienced similar problems, so they made acupuncture appointments with Dr. Patel and it was no longer an issue.

Dr. Patel explained that everyone is different and results are not guaranteed. His treatments are to restore overall health as much as possible. Restoration of libido is the result.

After my 5th acupuncture session I started to see results. I plan on continuing treatment until Dr. Patel and I agree this is no longer an issue. I encourage any man, regardless of age, to consult with Dr. Patel. I also encourage any woman to lovingly discuss the possibility of treatment with their companion."


"Before, I was stiff and could hardly move. I could not even sit with my legs cross. My neck and shoulder blades hurt. Also, my spine was crooked

Now, my spine is not crooked and my neck and shoulder blades do not hurt anymore at all. I’m still a little stiff, but not nearly as bad. I move a whole lot better and I can sit with my legs crossed."

Penny M.

"I first came to Dr. Patel for back pain from a previous injury and later was treated by high blood pressure.

The back pain is much improved as well as an increased feeling of general well being.  Also Dr. Patel's approach to my hypertension worked so well I did not need to take any prescription medications." 

Jules S.

“I was in a lot of pain (tooth ache type). It felt like pins and needles and hot on the top of my thigh down to my knee. It seemed as bad as shingles. I was diagnosed by a neurologist with nerve damage. I was taking 300 mg of lyrica a day.

Now, it is much improved. There is a lot less pain due to acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. I feel that the acupuncture has worked the best.”

Angel E.

"Before I came to First Merritt Chiropractic I was in pain and uncomfortable.

Now, I have a lot less stress on my back and neck. I don’t think I could function without

my routine adjustments."                                                                                                              

Phillis T.

“It was uncomfortable, painful, and I was not able to sleep well.

Now, it is so much better, I LOVE Dr. Patel.”

Maria N.

"I was lacking energy and felling "fussy headed" - felt out of sorts, moody, was up and down, as well as overall achiness.

Now, I feel amazing! Energy is back and no longer moody. No aches! No complaints! Had the chance to get a nutritional consultation and have changed some old habits based on Dr. Patel's recommendations - I have lost weight and gained energy - lots! Thanks for everything. Can't recommend enough.

P.S. My husband thanks him too for my adjustments."

Tracy G.

"I previously had a pain at the base of my spine, radiating to my legs, I could hardly move and get out of bed. I was constantly in pain. I went to physical therapy for 10 years, and was finally transferred to a 'pain management' clinic where I was injected with nerve deadening medication. That helped for a few days but the pain came back.

Between the acupuncture and chiropractic procedures, the pain no longer radiates to my legs. I have improved tremendously. Dr. Patel also discovered an injury to my neck from a car accident in 1988. He treated the area, and it is now pain free.

I thank Dr. Patel and his assistants, who spent extra hours and aided in other procedures that were also very helpful in my healing."

Lucie B.

"I was diagnosed with mild to moderate neuropathy. I had no reflex in my right knee and no sensation in the bottom of my right foot.

After two visits with Dr. Patel I recovered the reflex in my right knee and on the third visit I started to regain felling in my foot. After approximately twelve visits I have almost totally regained all reflex and nerve sensations in my right leg."

Kevin K.

"When I first saw Dr Patel I was having headaches, dizzyness, low back and

left hip pain. General Feeling of poor health.

Now I'm feeling so much better. It took a while, but the headaches are gone!

Dizziness is gone! Low back and hip pain are reduced and intermittent."

Michael C.

"Several years ago I was in a bad bike accident. My right shoulder was

shattered and my rotor cuff was severed in half. The orthopedic doctor

wanted to operate and put me in a cast for several months. I checked around

and heard about Dr. Patel non surgical solutions.

Dr. Patel's methods worked very well and today the shoulder and arm are in

fine shape. Two years later I was hit by a car while walking through the

Merritt Island Publix parking lot. This time I could not avoid the orthopedic

surgery on the broken bones. I also had a brain concussion from a blow to my

head in the same accident.

As soon as I got out of the hospital I went to Dr. Patel who soon had me back

in good shape. Since the bike accident I have been treated by Dr. Patel on a

weekly basis for the two accidents.

As I benefit from his weekly treatments, my allergy, neck, arthritis, and 55

year old back problem have all vastly improved. I am also using Dr. Patel's

Standard Process nutritional products and feel like I am 64 years old (instead

of my actual 84 years)

Many thanks to Dr. Patel!"

Gordon C.

"I had severe gastritis and inflamation of muscles. Inflamation of muscles

prevented me from doing any labor or household chores. Stiffness made it

difficult to perform daily tasks. My acidity has improved. Inflamation of

muscles has diminished tremendously. The nutrition analysis brought to my

attention foods which were causing inflamation. Once I changed my diet

along with supplements, I noticted immediate immprovments."

Aimee D.

"My injuries go back to the late 1970s with a bad whip-lash. Under the care

of Dr. Epstein and then with Dr. Patel. An adjustment usually holds 2-3

weeks. July 2007 I was hit in the rear at a red light by a truck-reinjuring my

neck and back. Dr. Patel worked with me for weeks and now I'm stable, but

not pain free. I get locked-up or dizzy with headaches. With a trip to Dr. Patel

I do get relief. The X-rays of my neck and back show that I will never be the

same, but feel fortunate that I have someone like Dr. Patel whom I can trust

to get relief."

Lise S.

"Before I came to see Dr. Patel I was in horrible pain and thought I would

need surgery. Since Iv'e been seeing him I have been wonderful!!! I can do

everything I used to do."

Linda B.

"I could not sleep without sleeping medicine and the meds were also not

working as well as in the past. Dr. Patel keeps me moving with Chiropractic

adjustments and has been doing so for three years.

After 4 weekly acupuncture appointments I sleep without meds 4 nights out of

7 and still improving. It's a relief!"

Elizabeth L.

"I have had a history of severe sinus infections and headaches. The first

Chiropactic doctor I had gone to let me know that my neck was out of

alignment. I let him treat me for 16 visits. I was still having pain. I then went

to Dr. Patel. After 3 visits, I had no more headaches.I told him I had a sinus

infection. The infections would get so bad that my eyes would close up and I

would have to see my family doctor. My doctor would then put me on

antibiotics. However, Dr. Patel gave me an acupuncture treatment and I had

instant relief. After the second acupunture treatment Dr. Patel gave me, the

infection was gone. At that time Dr. Patel had asked me if I was interested in

being tested for food allergies. I was very interested. I will never forget how

impressed I was during the testing. Dr. Patel told me what my reults were. I

never even told him I was having problems with what he had found out!

We set up a nutrition program, along with his Chiropractic care. It only took

a few weeks for me to notice a difference with my body. I have more energy

and feel more alert. Best part is this is just the beginning!

Thank you so much Dr. Patel. I would like to thank your staff as well. You all

have been great!"

Karen V.


"In November of 2009, I developed persistent dizziness, chest and abdominal pain, all within a two week period with no prior incident or cause. I saw numerous doctors, had multiple tests performed...with no results!... Dr. Patel performed a series of tests and immediately saw problems that no other doctors prior could. He quickly began procedures to determine where the problems were stemming from and worked on them until I left with reduced pain and suffering. 

Now 8 months later, I still receive treatment for a disorder that Dr. Patel diagnosed through his efforts and practices. The disorder is still affected circumstantially and cannot be treated with medications and or surgeries, but Dr. Patel will immediately get my body to function properly when it's not."

Christina M.

"After my stroke I was very confused and sad. I also had a lot of shoulder pain. Now I feel much better. I am much more optimistic and I can see the improvements. The pain has improved 100%! Now my only frustration is dealing with the limited mobility." 

 Nicole H.

"Before I started the Nutritional program, I was on an herbal program that was just not working at all. My quality of life was almost completely gone, the pain in every joint in my body was excruciating. The muscle pain was also unbearable. I was not able to do any of the little things each day like type, walk, sit, reach, or squat, No Kayaking or bike riding. 

Now Life is much better. The program has completely changed my quality of life. I am able to perform household chores, type, bike riding and even kayaking. The pain is bearable and even at time feels like it is gone. This has been the only program that worked for me. I am very grateful to Dr Patel and his staff."

                                                                                                Melissa W.

"I was very tired and sluggish. I was aging fast and losing energy. I was also depressed and sick alot and my acid reflux was out of control! Now I've regained most of my energy. I also am not depressed or sick like I was before. I have no more aches and my acid reflux is gone! I'm very happy with my program!!"

Terri P.

"I felt lousy with low energy, sluggish and achy. Since I started on Dr. Patel's Nutrition program I have lost 5 pounds, my cholesterol is excellent and my sugar levels are better. My attitude and strength are much better."

Corinne C.

"It was very painful when I walked. I couldn't do very much outside work at all. Now I am about 70% better and I can walk more before the pain starts."

Betty M.

"I had a lot of pain in my feet, ankles, and low back. Now I have no pain in my feet or ankles and my lower back pain is better."

Jackie W.

"I have bursitis and Tendonitis in my shoulder. It can be extremely painful! My shoulder was frozen in motion due to both inability to move and pain. Now I feel 100% better! Gentle adjustments resulted in drastic improvement."

Teresa B.

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